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The Quick Tour

The only way to really get a feel for any place is to go there and walk through. But a quick slide show tour on a web site isn't a bad place to start.

Common Areas

Common areas can define the character of an office building, and quite honestly we're pretty proud of the areas we all share.  Both buildings were designed and built by the same company, and so have look and feel in common.  Lots of wood, ceramic tile floors in the entry where the traffic is heaviest, and modern designs with wood on the walls.  Comfortable, but classy, with a real business-like atmosphere.

One of the owners also offices in the building, so maintenance and condition is never an issue. These are well cared for because we work here, too.


  • Free conference room available

  • Support services available

  • Locally owned

  • On-site management

  • On-site daily maintenance

  • All concrete construction (quiet...)

  • Variety of office configurations

  • Office sharing options

  • Professional

Typical Space

An empty office is an empty office.  But this should help give you an idea of how nicely these spaces "dress up" when given the chance.

Space availability changes, so look at these photos as typical.   The exterior windows deliver a lot of natural light and a nice open feeling. The angles of the windows and the walls adds character and interest.

Improvements and customization of the space is up to you, and adding things like windows to the interior walls really opens up the space.


  • Flexible leasing arrangements

  • Next door to banks, dentists, doctors, emergency care, Target, grocery stores, insurance agencies, CPAs, daycare, good restaurants, and hardware store.  Minnetonka High School is 2 blocks away, and downtown Excelsior is just down the road.

  •  A library and the beautiful Purgatory Creek Park are also close by on Excelsior Boulevard / County Road 3.

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